Milano Marittima on Italy's Adriatic Coast, a perfect beach holiday

Milano Marittima is one of the Italy's most famous seaside resorts in Italy; discovered by people from Milan in the beginning of 1900, it is well known for its beaches and its green pinewoods, and for being a place where fashion, glamour and style merge to create an atmosphere of relaxation, enjoyment and amusement all year round. Milano Marittima is a good starting point to visit the near cities of Ravenna (included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List for its mosaics and religious buildings) and Venice.

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Milano Marittima, Lido di Classe, Ravenna, Bologna
Premier Beach Resort
  • Hotel Waldorf 5-star Luxury
    Premier Resort Via VII Traversa Mare, 17 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Premier & Suites 5-star
    Premier Resort via VII Traversa Mare, 15 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Le Palme 4-star Sup.
    Premier Resort via VII Traversa Mare, 12 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
Premier Hotels
  • Hotel Adler 3-star
    Via F.lli Vivaldi, 96 - 48125
    Lido di Classe (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Sorriso 4-star
    via VIII traversa, 19 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Cube 4-star
    via Luigi Masotti, 2 - 48124
    Ravenna (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Alla Rocca 4-star
    Via Matteotti, 76 - Bazzano 40053 Valsamoggia (BO)
    Bologna (BO) ITALY