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In Milano Marittima shopping is done especially in the evening after dinner, most of the shops and boutiques are open until midnight and during the walk in the middle of the night that it becomes difficult to resist the temptations of the beautiful illuminated windows of the main streets where the shops alternate with cafes, street cafes and restaurants. Here are some of the most famous addresses "Julian Fashion" woman and man with the collections of great designers but also of emerging fashion, the new flagship store of "Brunello Cucinelli," "Nick & Sons' authorized Gucci boutique for men and women, SAINT LAURENT , BALENCIAGA, DSQUARED, "Bartorelli Jewelry" brands: Bulgari, Chopard, Damiani, Rolex, Cartier, IWC, Patek Philippe. These are just some of the many shops that you will find walking through the shopping streets, avenue gramsci, round May 1, avenue matteotti. At the Monday night fixture with the groove of the market in Milano Marittima, while on Thursday morning you can visit the large market square in Cervia at the Tower St. Michael. If you love the outlets are just a few km from Milano Marittima those SERGIO ROSSI, POLLINI, BALDININI, Iceberg, Frankie Morello and Geraniums.

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Milano Marittima, Lido di Classe, Ravenna, Bologna
Premier Beach Resort
  • Hotel Waldorf 5-star Luxury
    Premier Resort Via VII Traversa Mare, 17 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Premier & Suites 5-star
    Premier Resort via VII Traversa Mare, 15 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Le Palme 4-star Sup.
    Premier Resort via VII Traversa Mare, 12 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
Premier Hotels
  • Hotel Adler 3-star
    Via F.lli Vivaldi, 96 - 48125
    Lido di Classe (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Sorriso 4-star
    via VIII traversa, 19 - 48015
    Milano Marittima (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Cube 4-star
    via Luigi Masotti, 2 - 48124
    Ravenna (RA) ITALY
  • Hotel Alla Rocca 4-star
    Via Matteotti, 76 - Bazzano 40053 Valsamoggia (BO)
    Bologna (BO) ITALY