The Romagna, its civilization, history and territory are an irresistible invitation to discover and, in many cases, rediscover authentic tastes, genuine foods and generous wines through fascinating routes through hills, rocks and rivers, accompanied by the unfailing welcome of its people.


The province of Ferrara extends along a flat plain that is unique in Italy. Discovering it is a long journey into the flood plains and some of the most beautiful natural environments in Italy and centers of architectural interest with the marvelous extents of Ferrara as is jewel.
It is the discovery of the Po river and its flavors, from duck to "salama da taglio" (a pork sausage) to frog, a succession of fruit orchards, fields of grain and poplar groves along the banks of the Great River. It means breathing in the ancient history of the d'Este courts through the "capitals" of "salama da sugo," garlic, rice and asparagus. It means penetrating into the lowlands of the Parco del Delta, where you find yourself in a world of valleys made of cane breaks, fishing stations and wooded areas where they produce DOC wines from the sands of the Eliceo Forest, light and flavorful and enogastronomic players together with eel.

We mention:

Mesola, the asparagus capital.
Madonna dei Boschi/ Cento/ Portomaggiore, the capitals of the mythic "salama da sugo".
S. Agostino, famous for its harvest of mushrooms and truffles.
Voghiera, the Ferrarese land of garlic.
Ferrara where the gastronomy is very rich and tasty: "pasticcio di maccheroni," "salama da sugo," "pampepato" and "ciupeta" that are often combined with the dishes of the city's Jewish tradition.
Comacchio, , the undisputed homeland of the eel.
Argenta for a not to be missed taste of "torta ricciolina".


The hills of the hinterland between the Marecchia and Conca valleys cross the province all the way to the borders of Montefeltro in the Marches. It is a territory where crops, towns and fortified villages alternate with a unique richness of Malatesta fortresses and castles.
It is an itinerary through the pleasant area that allows discovering a rich enogastronomy that, in comparison to its maritime resources, offers the flavors of unexpected typical products and tasty traditional dishes. Wine and oil are its lead products - with the DOC "Colli di Rimini" wines and an olive production that has no equal in the region.
Unfailingly successful first courses, second courses of meat, deli meats, cheese, "piadinas," typical sweets, truffles and chestnuts. All accompanied by widespread typical craft activity and the innate hospitality of the people of the Romagna.

We mention:

Coriano, land of wines and of extra-virgin olive oil.
Santarcangelo di Romagna, Poggio Berni and Verucchio where Sangiovese and Trebbiano are accompanied by a rich cuisine containing dishes from both land and sea.
Montecolombo for the tripe, the "strozzapreti" and excellent "vini passiti" (desert wines)..
Montefiore Conca for the chestnuts and an excellent olive oil, in addition to typical cheeses and wines..
Mondaino for the production of cheeses.
San Giovanni in Marignano, the ancient "Malatesta granary," a land of excellent and abundant wines..
Montebello di Torriana , for the production of honey.


The hilly territory of Ravenna, cut by the valleys of the Senio, Lamone and Marzeno rivers, encompasses site of particular historic and artistic fascination: Renaissance and neoclassic Faenza, with its artistic ceramics and the fifteenth century tower of Oriolo dei Fichi, the medieval village of Brisighella, Riolo Terme clinging to its ancient fortress and a Casola Valsenio, which is among the most historic places, with ancient lookout towers and Romanesque parish churches.
All framed by a natural environment where marked by the enchanting contrast between carsic formations and the gently sloping hills covered with vineyards and olive groves. Pleasant sensations that are maintained by the other typical products to discover: from the smell of scallions to medicinal herbs, intensely flavored meats and deli meats, Pecorino cheeses, sweet fruits and the "forgotten fruits" of the mountain areas.

We mention:

Faenza for the cultivation of fruits, the distillation of grappas and grape brandies and for "bisò," the area's typical vin brulè.
Castel Bolognese, for the production of Sangiovese and Cagnina.
Riolo Terme, for the cultivation of Romagna scallions.
Casola Valsenio, the Italian herb capital as well as the place that safeguards the "forgotten fruits" such as jujubes, small, sweet "pere volpine" pears or rose applies.
Brisighella, land of wines and the famous Brisighello, an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, truffles, agnellone and castrato (grazing lamb and mutton).


Land of ancient traditions and peasant labor, where the best wines of Romagna reign, above all, Sangiovese and Albana, with a broad assortment of flavors that are here combined with extraordinarily artistic crafts. These are the districts of the authentic "Deep Romagna," that offer delicious soups and puff pastries still made with a rolling pin, tasty deli meats, cheeses aged in the ground or fresh cheeses like Raviggiolo or Squacquerone, extra-virgin olive oil, truffles, fruit and delicious typical and traditional sweets like "ciambella," (ring-shaped cake) "savor" and "bustreng," with the famous Romagna "piadina" (flour tort) serving as the gastronomic vessel.

We mention:

Castrocaro Terme, for the truffle harvest and the famous cultivation of cherries and peaches.
Dovadola for white truffles.
Predappio for the production Sangiovese.
Civitella di Romagna for mushrooms, truffles and their famous cherries.
Forlimpopoli, the birthplace of Pellegrino Artusi, to taste typical Romagna recipies such as cappelletti, strozzapreti, ravioli and passatelli.
Bertinoro, for the production and sampling of Romagna wines called the "home of hospitality".
Mercato Saraceno, for the flavorful gastronomy found in its deli meats and the typical sweets that are its specialty.
Sogliano al Rubicone, the homeland of "underground cheese".
Borghi, the source of prized gastronomic products such as olive oil, bustrengo and raperonzolo.
Roncofreddo, in addition to the production of wines and excellent olive oil, for its numerous fruits and vegetables, including its celebrated cherries.
Longiano, for the production of excellent wines.

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