Nature & Sport



In ancient times the Pinewood of Cervia - Milano Marittima formed the southern foothills of the vast forest that feature and, almost without interruption, extended from south of the Rhine River to the city of Cervia. Currently its size is 260 acres plus 30 acres of the Natural Park. The Pinewood of Cervia is a wealth of great natural interest which offers the visitor, landscapes and enchanting spots 32 through the trails on foot or by bicycle which are located a short distance from the hotel.

The Natural Park of Cervia

The Natural Park of Cervia, established in 1963, with its 30 hectares of pine forest is a veritable botanical garden with various routes indicated. An ideal environment for many animals, which were introduced by artificial restocking donkeys, deer, horses, deer, goats, cows Romagna, buffaloes, ornamental ducks, swans, geese, pheasants, peacocks. It 'also a permanent exhibition poultry in which you can admire the selected breeds of chickens and pheasants.

The Butterfly House

It 'a greenhouse heated over 500 square meters, which has been recreated an environment typical of rainforests, home to thousands of beautiful specimens from tropical regions that can bee seen up close in their elegance and delicacy, an emotion not to be missed! In addition to the butterflies, the greenhouse is home to many species of exotic plants and animals that contribute, together, to create a real ecosystem.

The Cervia salt mines

The Saline of Cervia in addition of being one of the pillars of the economy of the city, have always offered a scenic and natural heritage of great value. Established in the Natural Reserve of Animal Population in 1979, the Saline are today a nature reserve of 827 hectares and preserve flora and fauna of the wetlands. Guided tours and opportunities for bird watching.

Sport in Cervia Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is a large open-air gym and a paradise for those who love to practice any kind of sport. Really rich is the provision of equipment, facilities, opportunities and sporting events of international level. They range from cycling to tennis, from the traditional sports of beach water to those most bizarre and trendy, from volleyball to basketball, from karting to mountain biking; from football to athletics; from sailing to canoeing. The numerous sports structures allow both amateur and competitive; special mention for golf and horse riding are present in Milano Marittima fields with top-notch hosting contests and competitions nationally and internationally throughout the year. The Pinewood is also equipped with running routes, provides an ideal setting for relaxing walks and bike circuits. Practice your favorite sport for free! Premier Hotels, in collaboration with the Tennis Club Milano Marittima, it offers guests the opportunity to play tennis for free.