The Wellness Center "Club Body & Soul"

Club Body & Soul, the Wellness Center in Premier Resort


A stay at the Hotel Le Palme is synonymous with well-being and relaxation. Guests can reconquer their psycho-physical equilibrium in the warm and tranquil oasis of the Body & Soul Club.
Designed with an attention to small details, the Body & Soul Club offers the possibility of regenerating regimes characterized by global well-being, and care of both body and mind to rediscover and maintain a serene balance and optimal energy. The gym enjoys a beautiful view of the sea.

Roman-Oriental Bath
This is a hydrotherapeutic application that uses water in the form of vapor. The blood vessels dilate and circulation improves in all parts of the body, favoring the dissolving and elimination of toxins through abundant sweating. Compared to a simple Turkish bath, its also provides for the use of extra hot, tepid and cold water.

From the Latin Tepidus, the room that was used as a place to acclimatize before taking the hotter sweat bath or after for a brief period of relaxation.
Its optimum temperature is about 37° and it provides an area prepared for the treatment of many diseases, such as proven by recent research in the bio-climatic field carried out in Switzerland: Hypertonia, Arteriosclerosis, cardiopathies, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. Because the heat in this room is radiated in a uniform way, it dissolves tension and has a sedative action on the neuro-vegetative system.

Finnish Sauna
The precious woods of the sauna create a dry, high-temperature environment for the purification of body and spirit.

Showers and effusions
Showers are restorative due to the "enveloping" diffusion of the water coming from above and the sides, offering a simultaneous sensation of well-being and freshness over the entire body.
The special "rounded" shape of the showers provides guests with a restful moment in complete privacy.

Hawaiian Shower

This is a shower with a rain and waterfall effect that creates a tropical environment. It is a treatment that exploits the presence of a variety of different types of water drops.
The threadlike jets of rain coming from above produce a pleasant sensation of well-being over the entire body. At intervals, mini-cascades are activated at body height, producing a sensation of being underwater in a real equatorial cascade.
The temperature of the water alternates hot and cold, in this way providing a favorable effect at a circulatory level.
The environment is made even more suggestive by the presence of lighting effects coming from several points in the cabin.

Tub Circuit
The circular tub with jets for spraying the lower limbs provides for a circuit of alternating hot and cold water that follows the Priessnitz-Kneipp method. The circuit is especially helpful for the return of venous blood, thanks to its action of vasodilation and vasoconstriction. The river stones placed on the bottom provide an excellent plantar massage.

Relaxation Area
A carefully lit environment, the relaxation area allows for the completion of the beneficial sensation acquired during the hydrotherapy circuit in the well-being area of the Body & Soul Club.
Heated anatomical beds allow our guests to spend a relaxing pause, enveloped by balsamic and aromatic essences enhanced by relaxing music .

Overlooking the sea, the gym is light and airy and decorated with relaxing colors. It offers a full range of fitness equipment for complete training.

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